The Votes for Women campaign was a long and difficult struggle fought by women and men in cities, towns, and villages right across the country. The Mapping Women's Suffrage project plots the diverse locations, lives and activities of many Votes for Women campaigners in England in 1911 - the height of the women's suffrage movement. You can click on the interactive map to find suffrage campaigners who lived in your street, town or city, accessing a cache of biographical information, photographs and archive documents about them. The suffrage map gives new glimpses into the lives of suffrage campaigners and the geographies of the Votes for Women movement - a snapshot in time - from this momentous period in women's history.

The Mapping Women's Suffrage project brings together academics, local history groups, family researchers, archivists and members of the public, to share and build an unprecedented picture of the Votes for Women movement and its campaigners in England in 1911. The map recognises the contribution of multiple suffrage organisations – both law abiding suffragists and law-breaking suffragettes - in winning Votes for Women as well as revealing the often-hidden lives of ordinary campaigners in the homes and communities where they lived.

The project map and website are currently being developed, so please visit regularly for more information and/or join our mailing list using the Contact Us form.

Thanks to scholars Elizabeth Crawford and Jill Liddington for their suffrage expertise, published works and support for this new suffrage research and mapping project.

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