Thomas Carrier

Thomas Carrier

A foreman at a Varnish and Colours Manufacturer



67 Owen Road, Wolverhampton



Thomas Carrier was born in Wolverhampton in 1859. He married Elizabeth Aston in 1882, and they went on to have six children – Lily Elizabeth, William Bradfield (born 1888), Beatrice Alice (born 1889), Dorothy Florence (born 1895), and two children who died. In 1911, the family were living at 67 Owen Road, Wolverhampton. Thomas was a foreman at a Varnish and Colours Manufacturer (presumably Mander Brothers Ltd). With the exception of Lily, the remaining members of the family, both men and women, became members of the Wolverhampton branch of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies.
Thomas died on 14 March 1948, by which date their address was Caraston, 122 Bruford Road, Wolverhampton, and the value of his effects was £739 16 s. 4d. Contributed by Heidi McIntosh, Senior Archivist, Wolverhampton Archives. Do you have more information or images relating to the Carrier's or their street or address? Do get in touch with us via the project website.


Carrier Family GBC_1911_RG14_17036_0065.jpg



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